Dark circles under the eyes - causes and methods of eliminating

Today, dark circles under the eyes blue or black shades have become quite a common problem of both male and female populations, regardless of age and skin tone. Someone, they have become such-yourself addition to the image, others appear only occasionally, signaling fatigue. Almost everyone who has ever faced this problem, tormented with the question of how to effectively get rid of circles under the eyes, to make your face look fresh.

Unfortunately, the use of every possible means to care for the skin around the eyes, does not guarantee that tomorrow dark circles will not appear again at the same place. In order to permanently get rid of dark circles under the eyes, you must find the root cause of their occurrence and to direct all efforts to eliminate it.


As is known, the code under the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive area of the epidermis. In this place the capillaries are very close to the surface, so any disruption of blood circulation in the body can cause changes in skin tone. To eliminate dark circles under eyes, you need to find the cause of circulatory disorders and to try in the shortest possible time to eliminate.

The formation of dark circles under the eyes can be caused by:

• maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle (chronic stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, Smoking, alcohol abuse, nervous stress, etc.);

• disease (abnormalities in the liver and kidney failure, allergic reactions, increase in thyroid cancer, serious disturbances in the cardiovascular system);

• taking drugs (hormonal drugs or antibiotics);

• retirement and pre-retirement age;

• heredity.

Methods of eliminating

The best way to eliminate dark circles under the eyes will be deactivating factor that caused their appearance. But the removal of the larger part of the reasons that have been listed above, it may take several months. But want to look perfect every day! Methods of modern cosmetology will allow you to quickly remove the circles that they did not dare any more to spoil your appearance.

In beauty salons and centers specializing in aesthetic medicine offers effective treatments: lipofilling, microTargeting, microcurrent therapy, electrical stimulation, laser hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy, professional massage.

But modern technology cosmetic medicine, yet are not a panacea for dark circles under the eyes. If the original cause is not resolved, then, after some time they will appear again.

What to do if a salon, no funds, and to address the root causes requires a long time? You can use traditional recipes and make a mask for the skin around the eyes. With the problem of dark circles under the eyes will help to manage the following masks: potato-milk, cottage cheese, tea, parsley, cucumber.

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A healthy lifestyle and regular medical examinations to avoid circulatory disorders, and, consequently, the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Be healthy!

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