Dark circles under the eyes and what is the reason of their occurrence

Eye skin is very delicate and needs careful treatment. In the "tender" age, we did not think about the consequences that brings us poor-quality cosmetics and wrong make-up removal. And consequently, as a result of the inevitable appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Although this does not only cause the formation of dark circles and semicircles. Scientists these reasons associated with individual feature of the body, as well as with closely spaced vessels, in some cases, the emergence of community - is an allergic reaction to cosmetics or other sources of allergies (flowers, dust, etc.). The reason for the appearance of under-eye circles can be caused by a deficiency of iron or dehydration. With circles under the eyes is often attributed to improper diet restrictive diet, which in turn leads to an acute lack of vitamins in the body.

All these factors lead to metabolic disorders, and this has a negative effect on the functioning of the internal organs and, naturally, gives the impact on appearance. In addition, the people involved in Smoking, drinking large amounts of caffeine often suffer from this problem. Therefore you should think about maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the natural beauty of longer graced your face.

Doctors also claim that the "palette" circles under the eyes is a direct indication of diseases of internal organs. The blue circles indicate impaired circulation, red - about allergies or kidney disease, yellow on the liver.

The owners of such businesses should visit the doctor and make an examination of his body. Because before you use cosmetics, it is advisable to consult a specialist, and not the seller of cosmetics. Canadian scientists the appearance of dark circles under the eyes associated with fatigue and regular sleep, and to avoid such problems, experts recommend to devote to sleep at least eight hours of time.

To relieve fatigue and to get rid of dark circles under the eyes should resort to contrast the washings because they improve circulation, and improve skin elasticity. Scientists are also recommended and popular ways of getting rid of circles under eyes is cucumbers and swabs from potato juice. Duration of procedures (masks) takes only 15 minutes. A great way to relieve eye fatigue is gymnastics.

Today, every problem requires an integrated approach taking into account the individual characteristics of the person, and his susceptibility to disease and environmental influences.

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