Dark chocolate will help with the cough

Scientists of the National Institute of cardiology and pulmonology surprised the world with new unexpected discovery. It turns out that the cough can treat... chocolate! In fact, cacao, which is the main component of chocolate contains a chemical theobromine is an effective and natural blocker for sensory nerves. It is their involuntary contraction and causes unpleasant effects like cough, reports Argumenti.ru.

During the study, tests were carried out with the participation of 300 volunteers, with symptoms recurring cough. To receive them was appointed theobromine extracted from chocolate. The course "sweet therapy continued for 14 days, after which about 60 percent of the participants experience noted improvement in health.

During the analysis of the results, the researchers concluded that eating chocolate in the amount of one tile per day is enough to significantly help when coughing, wearing a chronic form. The fact that its effectiveness theobromine is even better than the main drug of most of these medications - codeine. In the course of research patients received 1000 milligrams. For comparison, an ounce of dark chocolate can give about 450 milligrams of this valuable substance. Sweet chocolate, however, has 150 milligrams of theobromine, and milk - only 60 milligrams. another disadvantage of the method is the termination of the reception of chocolate symptoms of chronic cough returned.

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