Dark chocolate protects the body from diabetes and heart disease

Experts from the Medical school of the University of Warwick have established a small amount of quality dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of developing diabetes and a whole host of heart disease. The results of the study tells the newspaper the British Journal of Nutrition.

Note, the positive effects of white and milk chocolate, scientists have found. They can only remedy the lack of fast carbs. Milk chocolate consists mainly of sugars, bitter – derived from cocoa beans.

The study involved volunteers aged 18 to 69 years. People from the first group ate every day a small serving of dark chocolate. Second, scientists at the time were forbidden to eat chocolate at all.

It turned out that regular consumption of bitter varieties improves the performance of the heart and liver. About the beneficial properties of chocolate, conversations go not the first year. Not so long ago it was proved that only one slice of dark chocolate every day significantly prolongs youth.

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