Dark chocolate fights against skin aging

In the past few months a group of British scientists conducted numerous experiments and studies aimed at the detection of the components contained in dark chocolate, which can affect the delay of some of the aging processes in the human body.

The positive effect of collagen fibers and flavonoids on metabolism creates a significant obstacle to the rapid aging of the skin. In addition, flavonoids are an excellent prevention of skin cancer.

Scientists say with certainty that eating chocolate in moderation is very useful. The systematic use of this product should be encouraged. Simultaneously, the components included in the composition of chocolate are list of other useful properties:

- help to cope with fatigue and insomnia;

- stimulate the brain, than have a positive impact on mental ability;

- increase the reaction rate.

Experts add that a full waiver of such delicacy, with all these useful properties, is simply foolish.

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In the end, I would like to add: chocolate - success, good health, long life and good mood!

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