Danish scientists: training during working hours increase productivity

Researchers from Denmark found that the office staff should regularly perform a variety of exercises using small dumbbells. This will give them the opportunity to get rid of pain in the neck and shoulders. In their study, there were 447 employees.

Each participant weekly exercises in an hour. Participants in one group performed three approaches within twenty minutes, and participants in the second group - nine approaches for seven minutes. Meanwhile, the load was increased gradually from 0.8 to 1.3 lb lb. In both groups, the participants observed a decrease in the strength and frequency of pain in the shoulders and neck. In the first group, this index amounted to 61 percent, and in the second group, the figure was 47 percent.

According to study leader, Dr. Christopher Andersen from the National Institute of working environment in Copenhagen, to increase productivity, employers should highlight in the work schedule of their staff time to perform physical exercise.

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