Dangerous poisons will help doctors in the treatment of cancerous tumors

Scientists have found, snake, bee venom, the venom of the Scorpion is able to destroy cancer cells. Information was able to confirm during studies of the effects of poisons on the cell culture. Opening belongs to the scientists from the University of Illinois.

In the laboratory, researchers were able to divide a poisonous substance on the proteins and peptides of poison, which can stop the growth and multiplication of cancer cells. At hit of the poison in the human body is a toxic reaction to inflammation. In addition, many poisons inhibit the functioning of the heart and damage the neurons of the brain and spinal cord.

If you use modern technology, you can turn deadly substance in component therapy against cancer. Scientists can only use the beneficial properties of toxins thanks to the item. Microscopic particle of poison is attracted exclusively to cancer cells and kills her. Healthy cells are not affected.

Note, while development are at the stage of scientific experiments. But now scientists lay on his opening of great expectations.

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