Dangerous not only UV, but also infrared sun rays

Modern creams and sprays for sunburn protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation spectrum. It causes skin burns. However, neither the drug does not block the infrared rays, writes The Daily Mail. They heated skin, they account for up to half of all solar energy.

Infrared rays And has a high penetrating power. Studies prove that this type of radiation accelerates the aging of the skin, disrupts the mechanisms that maintain the integrity and health of the skin.

The combination of the rays and UVB And infrared rays to skin cancer due to interference in the work of skin enzymes. Excess heat on the surface of the body accelerates cell death. Note, it is only a prolonged stay in the sun.

Infrared rays are used for medical purposes by doctors-physiotherapists. And the excess of such rays can lead to unpredictable consequences. Scientific recommendations are unchanged: to sunbathe either early morning or after 15-16 hours. During the period of maximum solar activity should be in the shade or at home.

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