Dangerous moments and men's health. What's the use?

As it turned out that the dangerous moments of life that requires maximum concentration and the concentration, positive impact on men's health. This unusual conclusion was made by experts of Canada.

Scientists from the University of Toronto (Canada), found that any dangerous and tense situation, for example, participation in the rally or road racing on speed, are extremely useful for men's health. The study mentioned above scientists, pokale - during these sessions, held in extreme conditions, the male body induces the production of high concentrations of testosterone, which is a kind of "source" benefit for the male body.

Increasing the male body's level of testosterone has a direct relationship with effective prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, chronic depression, and diabetes mellitus of the second type. The researchers concluded that the maintenance of a male body elevated levels of testosterone in the truest sense of the word contributes to the prolongation of life and rejuvenation of the body men.

Increased in the male body the secretion of testosterone is observed at risky and dangerous situations, in those moments of life when the circumstances stimulate the man to manifestation of his strongest traits.

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Meanwhile, the study authors add: "Addiction is extremely risky practice will eventually yield positive results, but only if the man is not concerned about a particular health disorder. But if that same man, for example, diagnosed with heart disease, dangerous situations he is, of course, should try to avoid.

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