Danger to health canned soups

As it turned out, that in canned soups contain bisphenol a, which has a negative impact on the overall state of the human body.

Fans of canned soups doctors warn that their addiction can adversely affect the General condition of their health. The thing is that in the process of manufacturing cans includes applying a chemical bisphenol a (technical diphenylolpropane), which with the contents of the banks may be in the human body.

Tests have shown that this substance in large quantities were detected in the urine of those who this product was used in food. Serving soup in a tin was increased in the urine, the amount of bisphenol dvadtsattreti. After freshly prepared soup of the total number of substances in the human body was of the order of 1.1 ág/l, and after the soup canned by 20.8 ág/L.

On the basis of previous studies have found a direct relationship between adverse health effects and high levels of bisphenol A. In the past year (2010) Department of quality control of food and drugs of the United States recognized the undeniable dangers of bisphenol a to human health. Scientists believe that this substance affects negatively on the brain, which then causes the development of certain cancers.

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