Damage to tooth enamel can cause some toothpastes

German scientists from the Saar University an experiment was conducted, the results of which convinced them that no one at present existing toothpaste is not capable of our teeth completely to protect against tooth decay. Franck Muller together with his colleagues have measured the thickness of the protective layer, which creates toothpastes, and has determined that this thickness is not able to protect the tooth enamel.

Until today, experts believed that the protective layer formed toothpaste, is a barrier that has the ability to protect the teeth from harmful effects of microorganisms. In order to have effective protection, a layer of fluorine should be 100 times greater thickness, and it actually make no pasta in the world is almost impossible.

German experts we are "pleased" and another negative result. As it turned out, that there are toothpastes that are not only not help, but even cause tooth enamel damage, that is, destroy it. These toothpastes are many toothpastes that have whitening effect.

Using whitening toothpastes really, the teeth can be made a bit whiter, but this effect is due to the destruction of the enamel layer. Best of all these pastes do not use or their use be reduced to one to two times per week.

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