Damage from sun decks underestimated - the scientists

American scientists believe that the damage from the sun is still undervalued. Many people unwise approach procedure hardware tan. As a result of burns and other injuries.

2012 year in America more than two thousand people have applied for medical aid after a visit to the Solarium. Of the most common complaints: skin burns, fainting, and reduced vision. A number of researchers says the increased likelihood of developing cancer of the skin and mucous membranes Amateur Solarium.

In most cases the fault lies not in beauty salons, and the visitors themselves, who wish to obtain a dense and uniform tan in the shortest possible time. Often this desire ends burns and health problems.

Scientists advise more attentive to the natural procedure of hardware and tan. Before visiting the Solarium desirable to consult a beautician and calculate the number and duration of tanning sessions.

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