Dairy products reduce the mortality from cardiac disease

As a result of research worked out by scientists from McMaster University, it was found that the daily consumption of three servings of dairy products decreases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, and likelihood of premature death. This message publishes Lenta.ru.

Experts from McMaster clarify that one serving of dairy products is 244 grams of yogurt or 5 grams of butter or 15-grams of cheese.

In the course of a scientific experiment that proves the above conclusion, was involved more than 136 thousand volunteers aged 35 to 70 years. Nine years followed their nutrition, health and rate of aging. During the specified period 6796 participants in the experiment died, and 8555 observed were recorded cardiovascular disease.

Study participants were combined into four groups, each of which received its own volume of dairy products. In people who consumed a daily average of 3.2 portions, the risk of death from cardiovascular pathologies and other factors, fell by 2.2%.

Precise explanation of the mechanism of the beneficial effects of dairy products on the human body, scientists do not lead, however, the existing scientific hypothesis, the reason may be hiding in a special chemical composition. Dairy products contain a specific amino acids, calcium, unsaturated fats, potassium, magnesium, as well as useful for human bacteria and vitamins K.

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