Daily TV viewing increases the risk of early death

Recent research scientists from Spain found that the daily hours watching TV detrimental effect on the health and increases the risk of early death. Speaking and prolonged television viewing, scientists imply more than three hours in front of the TV daily.

In the study, organized by the University of Navarra, was attended by more than 13 thousand people, which for eight years had been under surveillance. During this time, from various causes died 97 people. A detailed analysis of the data, the researchers found that the risk of premature death is significantly higher in the group of people carrying around the TV more than three hours a day.

The main problem is the lack of alternatives in the rest. The TV becomes the main way of spending the evening. Not all work involves constant movement. And constant weakness and a sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to diseases not only musculoskeletal system, but also all the internal organs.

Experts advise to spend more time in the fresh air, replacing walks in the evening watching TV.

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