Daily consumption of five servings of fruits protect against cancer

The company YouGov on behalf of the Fund cancer research conducted scientific research, in which it became clear that the daily consumption of 5 servings of different fruits is a wonderful protection from cancer. The strongest effect was possessed of cellulose, which is present in the fruit, and it is capable to protect against the most common types of this cancer: bowel cancer and cancer of the breast. Scientists believe that five portions of fruit a day give the body the necessary nutrients, and the fruits are not very expensive, and almost everyone can afford it.

In some cases people can't eat fruit because of the lack of necessary funds. Meanwhile, the experts continue to insist that it is better to stick to a plant-based diet, which includes legumes and vegetable crops, and fruit, as this is the most effective way to protect against cancer. Therefore it is better to buy fruit, than such harmful products, such as meat products or semi-finished red meat.

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It should be noted that throughout the world people eat the fruit, and only 22 percent of the population eat them in the quantities that will be able to protect them from cancer. According to experts, one of the major causes of the spread of cancer in the world remains poor diet.

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