Czech scientists have discovered a new way to treat cancer

Scientists from the Czech Republic found new opportunities that will help in the treatment of cancer. In his report, which was published in the magazine "Apoptosis", they claim that the alkaloid such conifers as golovchatoi Kostanay, which grows in Japan and is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine, makes the action of the protein TRAIL stronger. It should be noted that the above-mentioned protein that kills cancer cells.

Some types of cancer cells are resistant to TRAIL, and in some cases it can cause the opposite reaction: the cancer cells become more active to multiply and form new malignancies. This is why scientists have made every effort to search for the helper protein, which would support its ability to destroy cancer cells. And they succeeded: the group of scientists under the leadership of Peter Bartunek and Ladislav Andera with the Department of molecular genetics, Academy of Sciences found mentioned alkaloid, which makes the function of the protein is much stronger.

The study found that the impact of TRAIL protein, coupled with the alkaloid of HHT on cancer of the colon completely destroyed it. Normal cells are able to withstand this volatile combination and survive. In its report, the researchers described the method by which the alkaloid affects molecular signaling protein TRAIL.

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