Cyst of breast cancer treatment

In the world many women suffer from this disease. Mostly likely in women over thirty years especially, who did not give birth. This occurs due to hormonal disruptions, due to heredity, or once in this field of surgery. Many factors affect the appearance of cysts. Cyst of the breast is a liquid that has accumulated in the chest, forming a stationary, spherical seal, which in turn delivers a painful sensation. There are two types of cysts-sided and multiple, which affects both Breasts. The cysts of different sizes, if it is small( a few millimeters), it can only be detected on ultrasound. If You have any discomfort in the chest, seals, then you urgently need to contact an appropriate specialist. In this area there are doctors-mammalogy.

If you know that you have a cyst of breast cancer treatment should begin immediately . Treatment of cysts of the breast consists of courses. Basically, without surgery, by stretching out from the place of sealing liquid, a thin needle. After this procedure, the doctor prescribes special preparations to restore the immune system and restore the hormonal background. I must say that cyst of the breast does not in any way affect pregnancy and breastfeeding. But, if untreated, complications may arise, go to inflammation. Doctors mammalogy for every woman, which was formed cyst, developing a special treatment, picking up under the body and its features. Timely detection of cysts breast cancer significantly increases the chance for a quick recovery. Every year need to be examined. And of course you need to maintain health. Not to drink alcohol, to fight Smoking. They say that there is no cyst, you need to follow a certain diet. If You still want to eat your favorite dishes - eat, but don't abuse them. Self-treatment you must not do, it is best to consult a professional doctor who can really help you with this problem, conduct some research, which will prescribe the appropriate course of treatment that will suit you.

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