Cycling makes men sterile

The sperm of men, covering more than 180 miles per week on the bike, according to a study by researchers from the University of Cordoba, has only 4 percent normal sperm, that is, their chances of becoming fathers are extremely small.

Professor Diana Vaamonde from Spain said that the worst of the cum got of them. Previously it has been argued that a large amount of exercise negatively affects sperm quality. Now, scientists decided to study several sports, to learn how activity changes the quality of the sperm.

It turned out that the more time a man spends behind the wheel of a Bicycle. The lower the quality of his sperm. Probably the cause of constant irritation and compression of the testicles, as well as the constant heat from tight clothing and physical activity.

Also, there is a perception that the active forms of oxygen is a natural byproduct of metabolism that can damage cellular structures.

Cyclists to achieve the result has a lot to train, they train most often, probably with the same amount of training poor sperm quality will be any athlete.

15 healthy Spanish cyclists at the age of 33 years passed their semen for analysis, the total level number of normal spermatozoa in their semen did not exceed 10 percent.

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