Cycling - killer female sexuality

Some argue that sport is insanely cool and useful, but each time, researchers are presented to the public evidence that this postulate is not always true. This time, scientists turned his inquisitive gaze for a bike ride, which later turned out to be, can be a major cause in women, loss of sensation in the crotch area, and this means the loss of sexual pleasure, according to the NT Studio.

On the basis of previous studies it was found that in men, regular and long trips on the bike can cause numbness and sexual problems with erections in particular, when the steering wheel is greater than or has the same height as the saddle.

In the female case, the situation was just the opposite - they are position below the seat is much more dangerous because it is located so that pressure on the nerve endings and blood vessels, as well as the genitals can cause sensitivity in this area will be lost.

In a study involving 48 women who had spent the last week carried out a bike ride, overcoming distance of about 10 miles. After the trip, the women answered questions about their health, and whether they felt any strange sensations in the lower part of the body. It was also found that if the steering wheel is too low, then there is an increase and decrease in the sensitivity in this area.

Scientists are given the conclusion that the correct adjustment of the seat and the steering wheel on the bike should be done not only in the aspect of our preferences and growth, and also sex. Scientists believe that due to the configuration can to help release neuropathy in women.

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