Curvature of the spine in children: how to avoid?

All healthy babies are born with perfectly straight spine. Since the first months of life, he begins to form. And that's how responsible parents will treat the spine of the baby depends on its health. If you allow the disease to take its course, it will flourish every year to deal with it will be more difficult.

Doctors give some recommendations that will help avoid the contortion. If it is already there, they in combination with specific exercises and gymnastics will help to cure.

1. We should not rush to put the child at least 6-7 months.

2. From time to time baby you need to turn on the tummy during sleep.

3. Crawling is one of the main stages of the correct formation of the spine at an early age, so he must be intermediate between the seat and walk.

4. At the feet of the child to be himself when his time will come and you do not need to prematurely put him to pose without support.

5. Very commendable sports, especially swimming. It will not only excellent prevention of scoliosis, but will also strengthen the muscles of the back.

6. The baby should sleep on a firm, high quality mattress that posture was formed correctly.

7. When he goes to school, buy orthopedic school backpack. So all the load will be evenly distributed on both shoulders, and back will feel much more comfortable.

8. Morning exercises or gymnastics - a great start to a new day and the best prevention of curvature.

9. Especially careful to monitor how the child is sitting. Since childhood you must teach him how exactly to keep your back and don't slouch. While sitting at the computer, when the load on the back is just incredible, can at least partially replace the active family holiday.

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Just need to explain to the child why it is important to keep your posture, walk upright, exercise and look after yourself. While it is still small, parents should monitor and, if necessary, to adjust its movement. Then later it becomes a habit and will help to avoid many problems. Curvature of the spine, like any other disease, it is much easier to warn and prevent than to cure, or at least adjusted.

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