Curiosity is the basis of the learning process

Interesting results were obtained by researchers in the study of learning among the people. The researchers assessed how interesting the volunteers was to get answers to are not difficult questions. After a short rest a series of questions were repeated, the answer to the projector screen appeared after 14 seconds. In between questions and answers on the screen there were pictures of people, not related to the topic of the questions.

Next, the volunteers had to recognize the seen person and pass a test on the memory, answering questions, which were the topic of the experiment. It turned out, if the answer to question was really curious person, information was remembered much faster and more efficiently, writes Science World Report. In addition, better fixed in the memory pictures of people.

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Curiosity is one of the key qualities necessary for effective learning. It activates hippocamp, allows you to quickly create new neural connections, to strengthen the link between learning and reward.

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