Cured from cancer Brits are seriously discriminated against at work

The report made charitable Foundation Macmillan Cancer Support, says that the British, who managed to cure cancer, very often face discrimination when they return to the workplace. The study found that 37 percent cured Britons, returning to work, faced a different kind of harassment from superiors and colleagues. The trend growth since three years ago this figure was only 23%. 9 percent of respondents said they were forced to resign from work, and it happened because of harassment.

According to the representative of Macmillan Cancer Support Tulipa Allirajah, in the human perception of cancer remains a disease from which or fully cured or die. One of the few lucky ones who managed to get rid of the disease permanently, after recovery have to meet with a wall of human misunderstanding, they are trying to break for several months and sometimes even years.

In one of the British media quoted the true story of a woman who returned after 11 months of treatment to work, and I met her team. She created such intolerable conditions that the woman resigned, while not having worked for some time until retirement, thereby losing the dismissal of serious money. The existing Act on equality, adopted in 2010, is intended to resolve such questions. Meanwhile, according to one of its points, cured patients have the right even to a specific schedule, but as practice shows, this remains only on paper, says attorney Merrill April, and the employer has a duty to ensure the proper conditions for such people.

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