Cure fatigue will make it easier for women life

It was believed that dietary supplements with iron help to get rid of heavy States with anemia, relieve weakness and a feeling of lethargy, and now researchers from the University of Lausanne came to the conclusion that such supplements are perfectly cope with the usual fatigue.

"Supplementation with iron in a couple of months reduces the level of fatigue in women," said one of the study authors Dr. Bernard Favrat.

The experiment was attended by nearly 200 women aged 18 to 53 years of age, who suffered from constant fatigue. Half of the women took each day 80 mg of iron, the control croup took a placebo. In the end of the study (12 weeks) revealed that the level of fatigue in women who took iron, fell by 55 percent, that is, the lack of this element leads to permanent weakness and feelings of fatigue.

However, Swiss researchers are cautioned not to self-medicate, so as to take iron without consulting a doctor can be harmful to some authorities. The new discovery will help women feel good, and not to lose vital time to fatigue, the cause of which was not their own activity. Remember that the cause of your fatigue may not be a deficiency in the first place it can provoke stress or improper diet, not giving the required nutrition to the body.

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