Cure bad memories - reality

Scientists from the hospital's Center for the study of stress Louis La Fontaine discovered the amazing property of the drug metyrapone to rewrite our memories, depriving them of a negative colour. A team of researchers refuted the theory that our memories can't be adjusted, and can only be changed attitude toward him. The study's lead author Marie-France Marin and Dr. Sonia Lupin found property metyrapone is to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is involved in the process of remembering. If during playback in memory of unpleasant moments cortisol levels will be artificially lowered, and the negative effect on a person's emotions will decrease. It is noteworthy that the level of negative emotions will remain reduced in relation to memory and after cortisol levels normalized. In experiment took part 33 people, and they were divided into three groups - the first given one dose of metyrapone, the second - a double, the third a placebo. Then they were asked to recall the sad excerpts from history, showing them four days ago, it appeared that received a double dose of metyrapone has experienced difficulties in delineating precisely the negative aspects of history. The discovery will help scientists to invent an effective method of treatment for people with post-traumatic shock, because attempts to "rewrite" again memories were previously the prerogative of psychotherapists, now this treatment went on a medical level. However, a significant obstacle in the development of wide-scale use of metyrapone was the fact that its commercial release has stopped. However, doctors do not despair, as there are other lower levels of cortisol drugs.

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