Cuddling with the native people, the person experiences on a variety of positive effects

Scientists from Austria revealed an interesting fact. It turns out that hugs with loved ones not only improve a person's mood, but also have a positive impact on strengthening his memory. Plus, hugs significantly reduce the level of blood pressure. This is due to the development in the body of the hormone of love oxytocin. It should be noted that the said hormone being produced only when a man hugs a loved one and of the man he loved, if between them there is a gentle and trusting feelings. The number of oxytocin increases, which helps relieve stress, reduce or even remove the anxiety and anxiety and reduce high blood pressure.

Produces oxytocin by the pituitary gland located in the brain. Science long ago drew attention to the importance of this gland in addressing psychological issues. Thanks to the pituitary gland, the person feels a sense of love for their children or parents, gets new friends and establishing a romantic relationship.

The highest level of oxytocin seen during love, and women in the post-partum period, and thanks to him the mother begins to love his child. As already noted, the positive effect is achieved only in the case when a person embraces native to his person, and cuddling with strangers, this effect does not occur. On the contrary, if a person is unpleasant, it leads to stress and increased levels of anxiety. For this result in" stress hormone - cortisol.

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