Cucumbers and strawberries stop the deterioration of memory

Simple products help to stop the deterioration of memory and save from the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Such conclusions were made by Russian scientists from Soskovskogo Institute after testing flavonol fisetin on laboratory mice, informs Ani News.

It turned out that the connection stops the decline of memory and intelligence, helps to cope with problems in learning. Scientists emphasize: the matter affects only the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, the means to fully get rid of pathology has yet to find. Note that the flavonol fisetin has a positive effect on the nervous system, even a fully healthy person.

10 years ago, scientists proved the effect of the compounds in the ratio of brain neurons. Flavonol protects nerve fibers from premature aging of the ha of its antioxidant properties. A large number of flavonols found in simple products: cucumbers and strawberries.

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