Crying improves mood scientists

Tears help improve your mood, according to scientists from Tilburgse University. They conducted a study involving 60 volunteers. Subjects were first asked to look at two sad movie, "Hachiko" and "Life is beautiful". While watching the experts were fixed, one of the volunteers there were tears. About it writes The Daily Mail.

60% of the volunteers cried while watching "Hachiko", a film about a dog, remaining faithful to his master even after death. 45% could not restrain emotions while watching the film "Life is beautiful". And women cry much more often than men.

Volunteers who do not cause any emotions felt after watching usually. The people who were crying were sad at first, after 20 minutes, the mood became normal, and after an hour they felt an emotional lift.

While crying in the human brain enters dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones improve mood and "encourage" the body. As a result people think that crying after them becomes much easier.

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