Cry on health, or why cry useful

As you know, to laugh sometimes, and tears will not help. According to scientists, laughter increases immunity, and weeping improve health. In Britain and the United States conducted a large-scale study of the wailing and tears.

Scientists of two universities of Minnesota and British Lancaster - studied process of mourning and its consequences for the organism. According to the results, it became clear that crying is not less useful than laugh. What matters is when and how much to cry.

Experts at the University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota) focused on the physiological effects of crying and found a significant improvement of health in 88.8% of people probecause a short time. The reason is that people literally freed from the caller tears of stress: the body with tears secretes substances, the accumulation of which may have a heart attack. In addition, the process of mourning is accompanied by deep breathing, which reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone.

According to a Professor at the Academy Frey (William Frey), who was crying participants in the experiment, the crying has many advantages. Tears can be different - emotional and physical. The first reason is stress, chemical composition, they are not similar to tears "physical", which are formed when dealing with pain. Due to emotional tears, is the regulation of blood pressure, and blood vessels are protected from contamination.

British specialists, in turn, more importance is attached to the psychological aspect of mourning. According to Dr. Cary Cooper (Cary Cooper), who led the study from the University of Lancaster (Lancaster University), you need to cry. Most keep to yourself emotions from fear to hear accusations of weakness. Remember, tears signal for help, trying to draw attention to a problem. If you have no hope of understanding, the pay is better to indulge in the fresh air, alone. With a deep breath and release the body from the excess becomes clear thinking and understanding follow-up.

One opinion specialists, and that you should not cry too often. This may have an impact primarily on appearance due to loss of skin large amounts of moisture changes its color and condition. According to scientists, it is enough to cry once a week.

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