Crumble teeth - what to do?

Every person in my life sooner or later faced with a toothache. Suffice it to recall the last dentist, and a desire to visit this office lost even the most disciplined of patients. Typically, people turn to the expert in case of emergency, when one of the dental disease is already advanced and there are clear signs of ill health of the oral cavity.

If crumbling teeth, do not hesitate to visit the dental office, if not to solve the problem in time, you may need to implantation, and this is much more serious than prevention or conservative treatment.

It is noteworthy that the teeth can start to crumble even in the case of compliance with all health standards and implement a thorough maintenance of the oral cavity. What are the reasons for the development of this undesirable phenomenon, which certainly will not add to the attractiveness of the smile?


The exact cause of crumbling teeth can determine only specialist. Problems with teeth can signal the development in humans of such serious diseases as diabetes, arthritis, disease of the thyroid gland.

Crumble the teeth due to improper treatment of caries, if under the seal remained minimal inflammation. Often mincing tooth bone causes deficiency of vitamin D or E, calcium, fluorine. Principal at risk for objective reasons, are considered to be older people and pregnant. Children teeth crumble mostly due to the weakness of the weak immune system.

Bad habits, such as cracking nuts with his teeth, Smoking, cutting threads and opening cans, are also a serious push to the destruction of tooth enamel.


In any case, when the crushing teeth not to self-medicate. You need to visit the dentist and, if necessary, tests to pinpoint the cause of the problem. In many respects, further treatment depends on the origins of the disease. The reason may be hiding under the seal delivered inattentive dentist. To fix this problem is to treat caries. If the reason was the disorder in the functioning of internal organs, it is likely that additionally, you will need the help of an endocrinologist. Often crumbling teeth, resulting in a lack of vitamins. To resolve this problem is to drink a course essential micronutrients.

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