Cruel games provoke boys depression - scientists

The research team from America studied the effects of violent games on the psyche of children. It turned out that "shooting" and "shooters" with a high degree of cruelty is a ground for the development of depression among boys. Only the study involved 5,000 children.

Scientists have found: children spending for computer shooters more than two hours a day are more likely to suffer from depression and apathy. Experts believe that it is necessary to replace the virtual brutality on walks in the fresh air with friends. Extreme output - positive and educational computer games.

The study was conducted among children under 11 years. Managed to establish the relationship between fragile and vulnerable psyche of the child and the influence of products of modern culture, which include computer games. You know, children are very receptive and trusting. Cruel games instill in the child the wrong values and patterns of behavior that affects their mental health.

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