Crisis periods of family life - how to cope?

Each pair in family life happen the crisis. However, the way out of this unpleasant situation, all are different. Some try to overcome the difficulties together, others are "broken" and file for divorce. Most importantly, we should not forget that life in the us and given that we learn to overcome all obstacles. Every man receives from God, only those trials with which it can cope. Now only will he find the strength to overcome them? This individual factor.

The crisis of family life should not be something supernatural, any psychologist will confirm that this is just the stage of formation of a new version of the relationship, a kind of test of their strength. The transformation of relations in the couple is inevitable, because everything in the world is constantly flowing, changing. The stagnation period will not last forever. It will be followed by either shaking or divorce. Unfortunately, such tests shall not each family. Resistance relations largely depends on how the couple appreciated each other and protect my little family world from adversity, whether they can rely on support from partner.

Experts identify the following major crisis periods:

• first year of marriage (first appearance of domestic problems, awareness of responsibility, less romantic, differences of opinion, asking "who's the boss");

• third-fifth year of family life (new addition to the family, postpartum depression, booze husband);

• seventh-ninth year of family life (boredom, besprovodnoy, the monotony, the search for the best outside of the family, revaluation partners in life, the emergence of new priorities, distance);

• the fourteenth to the sixteenth year of family life (grown children, spouses have the habit of mutual communication, the glut each other).

In order to prevent rupture at an older age, you must continue to set joint objectives, which will seek both partners, less to think about the meaning of life. Powder in the flasks, of course, still there, but why spraying it in vain, if it is possible to rekindle at some point begins to fade the family hearth.

Marriage is a serious spiritual work of two loved ones. To those who with dignity passed all the tests will undoubtedly open up new horizons. In any case, you need to learn to appreciate and cherish what you have.

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