Creativity helps to more effectively fight cancer

An unusual lesson, invited a group of young people diagnosed with cancer. Note that many of the observed psychological problems. Music therapy, as it turned out, it goes well with standard chemotherapy and surgical treatment. As an example, he cites an interesting experiment with the participation of 12-24-year-old patients. The music gave them the opportunity to improve relationships with friends, keep a positive attitude even in the most difficult situation.

Patients received a powerful cell therapy. In parallel, they offered to start working on this music video. They wrote songs, recorded video, collected sound and image together to surprise your loved ones. To control the scientists gathered the group that received only standard drugs against cancer.

It turned out that children and adolescents from the first group is better tolerated all the troubles and tribulations of life of cancer patients. The positive effect of music therapy was maintained for three months. The videos helped to improve family relationships. Music reduced anxiety and impact on quality of life of patients reduced their fear of the disease.

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