Created the world's first device that changes the taste of food

The development will love the useful and not so delicious foods. Many people do not like the taste of vegetables, steamed and other food, which has useful properties. However, this Taste Buddy from the staff of city University London is able to change the signals from the taste buds and make any food pleasant to the taste, writes The Daily Mail.

The device consists of two plates with a width of about two inches. The structure is fixed on the tongue and affects the taste buds. At the moment the device is able to simulate salty and sweet tastes.

Despite the apparent magic, Taste Buddy is a pretty simple device. It warms the taste buds responsible for the perception of certain flavour and permeates them with electric current at low power. As a result, the brain gets signals of salty or sweet taste.

In the future Buddy will Taste a lot more, for example, transforming the taste of broccoli in taste of milk chocolate. With this device is to eat right will be much easier.

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