Created the world's first artificial mesh eyes

The other day was first created artificial eye, which works on the principle of insect eyes. The prototype has the same mesh structure. Scientists of the European Commission believe that the unit will be used both in science and in everyday life and medicine.

The name of the new eye - CURVACE. It works by analogy eye flies, fruit flies, has a cellular structure, each cell has a sensor. Eyes except that is larger than a real eye flies. Development has already found sponsors: today it invested more than $ 2 million.

Scientists believe that such money is invested not in vain: the development has a huge potential. Already found its application in industry and medicine, which will easily pay for all costs.

If an existing mesh eyes upgrade, you get a device that estimates the distance to objects from all sides, that can be applied in Parking systems of machines and devices for visually impaired people. Such devices can be used for surveillance in the apartment: as for security, and for young children and disabled for security.

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