Created interface for managing the movements of the person

Scientists were able to create a first interface that connects the brain's two people. The resulting relation, say researchers at the University of Washington, will help in the further development of telepathic devices, with which in the future will be possible remote control of other organisms.

Before carrying out the first experiments involving human subjects, the researchers conducted a series of experiments on rats: managed remotely to establish communication between the brain of two animals in different parts of the globe.

The next step was to develop an interface that connects a person's thoughts and muscles that control the tail of the rat. This allowed the scientists to remotely control the movements of the tail with the help of the mind.

This experiment has been conducted with the participation of two scientists: Rajesh RAO and Andrea Staka. The device controls the actions of the other consisted of two parts. The reading part was presented to the reading changes in the electrical activity of the brain EEG cap which is connected to the second link - transcardially the magnetic coil. This device is able to send motor signals in the brain of the subject, causing it to perform certain moves without his will.

The experiment was a success. Actions that were considered RAO, has successfully accomplished his colleague out of his own will. Direct contact was not, and the possibility of randomness is eliminated. The idea RAO about the game on a game console materialized in the form of a knock on the keyboard, which followed the signal transmission in the brain, Stucco. Movements were sharp and like a nervous tick.

RAO said that the interface can operate in simplex mode with a simple action. The next step will be the development of bilateral control movements. Scientists believe that this device has great potential in the future will help the paraplegic to inform about their needs.

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Now the device has quite a few defects. It is bulky, difficult to use, transmits only the simplest of motor signals. It is worth noting the negative attitude of some groups of people in similar experiments on the mind control.

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