Created by British scientists the smartphone app will help you to lose weight

Simple in its content the smartphone application will help you to lose weight. Its use involves photographing food that is eaten by man. Already experimentally proved the efficiency of these applications, AFP reports. The developers of this device are the physicians of the UK. Its meaning is that man remembers what he eats in order to avoid high-calorie foods.

Thus, before lunch or dinner, man takes a picture of food that should be eaten. After he ate, he looks at the photo and at the same time answers some questions of the following kind: "Eaten" do you really?", "Do you feel hungry?", and so the next time a person looks again at the photo eaten food, he receives an SMS reminder, which causes him to rethink your nutritional diet.

The application has been tested on 12 full volunteers. Scientists watched them for a month. On average, each participant of the experiment used the app daily 5 times, and recorded it too 2,7 meal. During this time, the study participants dropped again, on average, one and a half kilograms. Six of them managed to lose one or more pounds, and the four - almost 1 kg, however, there were two who have gained weight 11 and 400 grams. The application Creator Eric Robinson of the University of Liverpool believes that he created the design makes people think every time about how to control what he eats.

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