Created a vaccine that reduces the number of recurrences of breast cancer

In June will present the results of important research in the field of Oncology. Does Elizabeth Mittendorf with colleagues at the Houston Center for the study of cancer. EurekAlert reports that created this group vaccine, effective against recurrence of breast cancer, have completed the second stage of testing in a clinical setting.

The vaccine, called AE37 causes the immune system to be active against protein-receptor, contributing to the growth of a malignant tumor (epidermal growth factor HER2). Protein HER2 concentrated in cancer cells of the breast. It is present in almost 80 percent of patients. Created by American scientists vaccine contains one of the sections of this oncogenic protein. For research were chosen randomly 201 people. All they once had been cured of breast cancer. Volunteer amounted to two groups. First of all 103 women to get vaccinated is the experimental group. The control group consisted of 98 people.

In 10.3% of women from the first group relapse was observed in the second group, the disease returned in 18%. It turns out that due to vaccination, the risk of relapse was reduced by 43%.

The vaccine is almost never caused side effects in subjects. Slightly reddened areas at the injection site and, sometimes, pain in the joints.

The Creator of vaccines Mittendorf noted that the immune system, thanks to the vaccine, learns very quickly to recognize malignant cells and attacks them.

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