Created a unique device for visually impaired people

A new device called the vOICe helps people to recognize what is happening around using the appropriate sounds. Such a device can be successfully used for the treatment of blindness, according to the magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald. vOICe can safely be called a full replacement for the eyes.

The device converts the image received from the camera, in a special audio track. Pitch and brightness associated with the volume. As a result, the orientation in space with the help of the video located on the horizontal axis. The image refreshes every second and has a resolution of 60x60 pixels.

Scientists at the University of British Bat asked for visually impaired people to test the new device. As a result, people even without any prior training managed to pass all the tests of view. Interestingly, the obtained results were better than after treatment with stem cells or establish implants.

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In the course of the study volunteers ran the standard test Snellen (table with rows of letters, whose size gradually decreases from top to bottom). Currently, the normal term is 20/20 (of course, it takes into account the size of the letters and the distance to the table). The participants of the experiment showed a stunning result - 20/400, which is by far the best for invasive technologies.

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