Created a mouse with autism

Scientists from the centre for neuropathology in Israel have created a mouse with autism. Although this is not the first mouse model of autism, a new study maximally brought the symptoms which are experienced by the mouse to the human counterpart. For their creation was changed gene, which scientists believe is essential in the development of autism.

Autism is characterized by problems with social interaction, verbal, nonverbal communication and restricted interests and behaviors.

Mouse-autism showed a similar behavior, in contrast, they showed no interest in the other mice. Although a conventional mouse make sounds in the pack, mouse-autism remained silent, they were overly focused on themselves, which was reflected in the constant washing.

Mouse-autism were developed by changing the gene UBE3A in the field of chromosome 15q11, this is the portion of a gene implicated in the development of autism and other disorders with developmental delays and speech. Although the UBE3A gene is associated with only 3 percent of cases of autism, is the most common now gene ID. So scientists were able to prove its fundamental role in the development of this disease in children.

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