Created a model of the immune system of newborns

According to the newspaper New Scientist model of the immune system of newborns was developed by American scientists. It should help in clinical vaccine trials. The results of the work of immunologists were announced at the conference of the Association of immunologists American.

In children, the immune system is much weaker than in adults. This is due to the fact that the child's body reacts very strongly to those antigens, with whom he has to deal immediately from the moment of birth. And according to statistics who, each year from these infections, which, in General, are known and quite curable die in the order of one million babies. In view of this vital remains the creation of a special vaccines for these children.

Artificial immune system was created on the basis of samples from umbilical cord blood. From this blood cultured leukocytes and other cells that will form the walls of blood vessels. These cells were grown on collagen matrix, and then placed in the blood plasma of newborns.

After a series of experiments, the researchers have proven that artificial model also reacts to foreign agents, as the immune system of infants: i.e. leukocytes pass through the simulated wall of the blood vessel and recognizes the attacking system agents infectious nature.

According to the researchers developed the model ensures reliable way to test vaccines before testing them on live babies. As the authors of the study, the purpose of creating a model of the immune system, for conducting clinical trials has been reached.

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