Creams from the sun do not protect against skin cancer, proved the experiment

Scientists from the University of British Institute of cancer research and the Institute of cancer research has shown that sunscreens only protect against burns, but not from skin cancer. The cream does not hinder the penetration of UV rays and damage the DNA of cells, says Medical News Today.

Scientists have made an experiment on a two-month mice. In animals was a skin disease gene mutation. This damaged structure increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Without applying sunscreen in mice quickly developed direct damage to the genetic apparatus in the skin cells. Changes were localized in the gene p53, which normally protects cells from DNA damage.

The cream helped, but protected from mutations not completely. Scientists believe that one of the cream is not enough. You should not tan too hot sun, and during the walk, we can wear hats and sunglasses. Any sunburn is associated with cell DNA damage that can lead to melanoma.

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