"Cream of virginity", whether it is necessary in India?

"Cream of virginity" called "18 Again", which, according to its creators, compresses the muscles of the vagina, allowing the woman again to feel like a virgin, has caused an uproar in India. Cream blamed for the fact that it reinforces Patriarchal attitudes towards women, established in the country.

Although the company started selling cream in India, and says that this invention should increase the self-esteem of women, critics believe the opposite. Advertising itself cream "18 Again", where dressed in Safari woman fun dances and sings "I feel like a virgin, does it feel like the 1st time a reminder of the fact that in the Eastern state of a few can put up with the modern views on premarital sex life, practicing in other progressive countries. The advertisement clearly shows disgust and shock the parents of the husband to "unclean" daughter-in-law.

According to representatives of the Bombay company Ultratech, "18 Again" is the first cream that such an action is applicable in India. Chapter Ultratech Rishi Bhatia says that this is not a very expensive cream contains only natural ingredients (gold dust, aloe, almond, pomegranate juice). Cream, has passed all clinical trials may not return hymen woman, but will give you an opportunity to remember her feelings when she has not yet lived sex life.

After the outbreak of scandals involving cream, representatives of the company explained:

Advertising cream 18 Again, caused a major stir among physicians and groups that protect women's rights, and social networks.

In India there is still a taboo to have sex before marriage. And in the minds of young people who want to be sophisticated and trendy, created some confusion. On the one hand, only 19% of respondents surveyed by the magazine India Today, not against premarital sexual relationship, although a quarter of them did not want a similar case was in their family. On the other hand, girls in India, want to remain chaste brides, but are not willing to wait for marriage, because young people are marrying later. Trying to conform to the Patriarchal foundations of the virgin bride, women will go to any measures to hide their past sexual life. While Dr. Nesrin of Náchod, advising on issues relating to sexual health portal MDhil, expresses doubts about the effectiveness of the cream of virginity.

By the way, similar boom protests sparked in India intimate cream, brightening the skin from a woman's vagina.

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Advertising cream "18 Again"

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