Cream for skin cause acne – scientists

The too frequent use of even high quality cosmetics can lead to completely opposite effect. May develop acne, loss of elasticity of the skin, its dryness and flaking. If you keep in mind that almost all women use creams, there is nothing surprising in the fact that most acne occurs periodically, says Zee News.

In a recent study, the researchers drew attention: a large dose of vitamin B12 provokes diseases of the skin. In 10 volunteers taking B12 the researchers conducted an analysis of the genome. It turned out that increasing the level of vitamin a is connected with the activity of genes of the bacteria causing acne.

There are other factors that affect the health of the skin. One of them – features of the skin microflora. Yet scientists advise people with acne to carefully select cosmetic products. It is better to put on this clinic.

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