Cramps during pregnancy - causes and treatment

Since the first weeks of pregnancy the mother may disturb the involuntary contraction of the muscles, in other words, convulsions. Causes of seizures may be different. For example, when they are concerned about the mother in the first half of pregnancy, most likely, this is caused by a malfunction of the parathyroid glands, and those, in turn, promote the absorption of minerals phosphorus and calcium. Appearing in this case, convulsions, often affect the muscles of the hands and feet.

If muscle contractions occur in the abdomen, pregnant woman need urgently to the hospital, otherwise, can be caused by contractions and, therefore, premature birth. Little to ease the pain it's very hard to pull the muscle that bothers you.

If convulsions occur in the area of caviar, to try to relieve the tension can alternately trying to attract foot or simply try to relax. The General principle of care is to massage and rubbing the cramped space. In addition, the sore spot, you can just prick it with a pin or any other sterile sharp object.

To settle trace element imbalance use pills calcium, hormones of the parathyroid glands and vitamin D. If convulsions disturb the mother in the second half of pregnancy, most likely, their cause is long standing or walking, owing to what is already a fairly large uterus begins to put pressure on nerve endings.

To treat muscle contractions need to devote more time to rest, often lying on the back or side, of course, this should not cause peretaplivanii arteries, and eventually loss of consciousness. To avoid this, it is desirable to keep the feet above the head. To eliminate muscle contractions, it is recommended to wear only comfortable shoes with a low heel, a brace, which helps to keep the uterus in the correct position, and also to use drugs with calcium and magnesium.

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Factors that may increase the likelihood of seizures, is the health of future mothers and some bad habits. For example, Smoking and drinking very large amounts of caffeine can cause oxygen starvation of the muscles and their dehydration. What will be caused by varicose veins or epilepsy, that will definitely lead to seizures. A pregnant woman with such diseases must observe special caution, taking appropriate measures.

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