Cracks on heels - causes and treatments

Unpleasant it cracks on the heels. Do not wear socks or stockings - unaesthetic, in addition, cracks can grow and scary to be sick. And some do not stand walking in shoes with open heels. Feet are very sensitive, and those cracks are formed almost immediately when switching to so-called open backs. You can also feel the first columbu, and then cutting the pain, at the same time the skin is converted into a thick and coarse, crack early in the disease is not very deep, but she soon becomes much wider and longer. To treat cracked heels sometimes very long and hard.

Many women suffer from this scourge. Their heels are often the number one topic for female household interviews. The same procedure of their treatment, as a rule, take enough time killing every mood and leisure. All attempts to cure cracks over usually the fact that by the beginning of autumn all calms down, and in the height of summer is restored. The cause of cracking is unclear, moreover, every year the state of heels getting worse and worse.Questions about what kind of crack and how you can get rid of them, you can look at the vast number of Internet resources. However, a coherent scientific explanation of this phenomenon looks at the following:Cracks on heels, as a rule, belong to the so-called mechanical dermatitis. The causes of this skin condition are as in mechanical damage and biochemical local defects of the skin, namely the breach of protein and amino acid metabolism in the body, deficiency of vitamins of group "a" and "E" or perhaps reducing the activity of certain enzymes. Also by reason of such disease may be different endocrinopathies - thyroid disease, endocrine disease, diabetes, etc. For the treatment of fractures, you can use "spanking" damaged areas thereby improving there blood. But you can use a more modern method, namely to use applicator Kuznetsova. To use it regularly. The treatment process may be painful, but the results will depend only on effort and due diligence on the part of the patient.

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