CPS: the Solarium is one of the causes of skin cancer

Representatives of the office of assured lamps used in tanning, significantly increase the risk of developing cancer. The effect of the Solarium can be compared with the consumption of alcohol or Smoking. Experts advise caution to resort to artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation. Officially proven that tanning increases the risk of skin cancer in his youth by 75%.

It is best to use sunlamps only for medical reasons. If this information will enter into force and will appear in the SanPiN, ultraviolet sunlamps get to the point of factors causing cancer. The list was first compiled in 2011. Now it includes tobacco Smoking (including passive), alcohol, smokeless tobacco products.

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In addition to sun decks, the list can go biological and chemical carcinogenic factors, for example, mineral oils (except medical, food, cosmetic and technical white oils), black carbon and leather dust.

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