CPS advises not to travel abroad for the New Year

Anna Popova, chief state sanitary doctor of Russia, head of the CPS advises not to travel abroad during the Christmas holidays. There are some concerns associated with the spread of Ebola.

The better to spend holidays in Russia, given the unstable epidemic situation in many exotic countries.

Ebola managed to hit more than 10 thousand, 5 thousand died from fever. The disease is characterized by a high contagion rate and a large latent period.

Carefully Russian doctors follow a group of students who come to study in Russia from the countries of West Africa. Of the 477 26 people were surveyed in the hospital, everyone had complaints of slight discomfort, but the diagnosis of Ebola Fever" was rejected.

For the spread of infection at the level of the epidemic requires a fairly large number of people with the disease on a limited territorial area. In Russia, this situation is not addressed, I am sure the CPS. Even isolated cases of infection in large countries are particularly at risk. While Ebola 5 times out beyond Africa: 4 cases recorded in the United States, one in Spain.

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