Couriers will deliver breast milk from the office to the child

In the Indonesian capital nursing mothers returning to work, helps new service - courier service for high-speed delivery of breast milk.

Couriers on motorcycles take expressed in bottles of breast milk from the workplace to the mother and transported them in a cool bag, carrying valuable cargo as soon as possible to the child.

Houses usually expect a grandmother who fed babies fresh breast milk but not dry mixes that are less useful.

Each shipping costs about 4 dollars, for the first time the service was started in 2010. Inspired to bring perforated unusual idea of the owner of the service Freaks of Nawala own wife, who was hired couriers to send their child their milk while I was at work.

Although filled transport the streets of Jakarta, the road may take more hours, couriers try to use maps and GPS trackers to monitor traffic and route optimization.

Young mothers in senior positions just delighted from such services, they can now work and to feed the child with milk, thereby making a contribution to its future health.

Let's hope that for our business young mother to receive this service service.

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