Couples living without children in danger of dying prematurely

According to an article published by the journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, infertility is the cause of the increased risk of early death. According to BBC, researchers conducted an analysis of the state 21276 couples gathered to undergo IVF. It was found that death before the time, there was four times more common in women with and failed conception.

According to statistical data, taken during the period from 1994 to 2005, those gained by 316 people. During this time, recorded the birth of 15149 children, the death of 96 women and 220 men. Scientists believe that couples who were able to have a child free from the threat of early death. Especially strongly it affected women.

Among childless women increased four times as prone to death due to vascular disease, cancer and accidents. In men, the corresponding increase in risk was noted in two times.

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According to psychologists, this does not exclude the important role of stress in pairs, taking desperate steps to have a baby. Because of all this, a person can just "break".

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