Cough in children. How to treat?

Cough is a symptom of various diseases. But most often the cough signals the diseases of the larynx, bronchi or trachea. There are sensitive receptors, which irritated and trigger the cough reflex. Remember that coughing is a protective reaction of an organism to infection.

The nature of the cough are classified into:

Dry (nonproductive) cough is a symptom of the infection is viral or bacterial nature. It is called unproductive due to the lack of sputum discharge.

Wet (productive) cough. A characteristic feature rich or not the discharge of phlegm. The treatment process of this type is much easier than other types of cough.

Whooping cough is a symptom of laryngitis is a very dangerous disease. Cough occurs at night and is accompanied by hoarseness in a child, because swelling hits the vocal cords. Cough for the same reason resembles the barking of a dog. If you have heard a cough in a child, immediately call an ambulance or seek medical advice. This disease is especially dangerous in children up to three years.

Spastic cough, caused by spasm. Typical bronchial asthma. The no sputum, dry cough and whooping. A cough is not a long time and delivers pain. Cough requires medical supervision. In children occurs very rarely.

Medicinal cough remedies for children

Medicines for the treatment of cough are available in various forms: pills, powders, lozenges, syrups and much more. Remember that self medication children will not lead to anything good. Medication must be prescribed by a doctor. You must comply with age, the dosage of medicines.

Treat cough inhalation

For treatment of cough grown-up children, you can use inhalation. Do not use inhalation in the treatment of cough in children under one year of age. The risk of spasm of the upper respiratory tract, which will lead to death!

Inhalers in the treatment of older children is a very effective and useful. Currently sold in pharmacies compressor inhaler, the treatment using them is based medicines with saline. A great solution for the treatment of cough in adults and children is inhaler AND UN-231 battery.

Good for inhalation and extracts of various medicinal plants. For the preparation of medicinal solution boil one tablespoon of grass mother-and-stepmother or thyme in hot water. In this solution, you can add a few drops of essential oils: eucalyptus, fir or menthol.

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